Entering the home selling process unprepared is the biggest gamble and mistake. So, don't listen to your gut feeling or rely on your monthly horoscope when making possibly the most significant transaction in your life. Surround yourself with experienced real estate professionals and do your homework. By taking into account the most severe mistakes to avoid when selling your home, you'll be saving more than money. That is, you will if you value limited resources such as time, energy, and peace of mind.

Why people make home selling mistakes

They're overconfident. But while high self-esteem is a valuable trait, unless you're a skillful real estate agent with years of experience in the locale, it doesn't count much in an endeavor such as a home sale. Nobody knows everything, but people can learn a lot - if not how to conduct the home selling process alone - then what errors to avoid.

 After all, each one of these blunders is common, shared by numerous homeowners. It only tells you that no matter the fact that we live in an age where reliable real estate professionals are easy to find, reach, and hire, people still believe they will save more, close the deal faster, work less and get higher ROI. Yes, you can guess now what the most common mistakes to avoid when selling your home are. 

  1. Homeowners dismiss the value of working with a real estate agent.
  2. They sell the home as-is, discounting its fantastic potential.
  3. Sellers commonly tend to overprice their property.
  4. Overlook current market trends in the area.
  5. They ignore the right selling season.
  6. Sell to unqualified buyers.

 Here come six true stories. Let's tell you what happened next.

#1 I can do it alone.

There is an excellent reason why real estate agents specialize in a specific area and count their sales. They know what sells best and when. The number of deals and the sales value will tell you how successful they are. Want to join the club of sellers who sold their homes fast and above the asking price? Or do you want to compress years of learning and experience in a week between taking photos and listing your home for sale? A good real estate agent in a home selling process is what a good doctor is when you get ill. Who would you rather call when the stakes get high?

#2 Inspecting? Fixing? Staging? I'm the one leaving, remember?

We, humans, are visual creatures. But don't let the fact fool you. When someone plans to invest thousands of dollars of hard-earned money into something, they want to make sure the money is well invested. Not conducting a home inspection for your information is the first rock in an avalanche of home selling mistakes. You risk getting caught with termites in your walls during an open house, water-damaged ceiling, and dated fixtures. On top of that, sellers often disregard the power of decluttered, clean, open space, staged to sell. In the end, you'll get a choice: either to invest in the necessary fixes in your Florida home or accept a much lower offer. Getting prepared for price negotiations means that, when the time comes for moving to your new home, you can have a seamless process that won't burden your budget.

#3 I know my home's worth. Priceless!

It is perfectly normal to get emotionally attached to your home. But that was before your property became an asset. At this point, you should be treating it as such, a real estate you want to sell for top dollar and pronto. However, one of the mistakes to avoid when selling your home is pricing it high above its market value. It isn't easy to be realistic and price your home right when years of memories are involved. That is why a clever seller relies on an impartial real estate professional and their judgment. They've seen too many sellers overprice their homes and then end in a downward spiral of discounts the buyers can't wait for.

#4 Market trends? What market trends?

Real estate market trends vary from neighborhood to neighborhood, let alone in different cities or nationwide. What you might think you know in general may not apply to the area where you plan to sell. Get familiar with the most recent local market reports or ask an expert for a piece of advice. It will help you set the right price and invest in the right home renovation projects that boost ROI.

 #5 Selling season is a thing?

So is buying season, moving season, and many others. There are always periods of higher and lower demand. Just as buyers wait for the best opportunity to snatch a lovely home at a great price, so do the sellers need to time their sale right. If you're confident that your home is a trophy material, a quick sale is guaranteed. But what if your property can earn you more than expected simply if you choose the listing date in the near future? Consider your circumstances, consult the pros, and make a choice: is it worth the wait?

#6 I love this buyer! He's fun.

But does he have a pre-approval letter from a lender or proof of funds? One of the mistakes to avoid when selling your home is disregarding buying power of an interested buyer. True, once you sign a contract, you will get your money sooner or later. But what if later isn't good enough for you? What if you need to move out soon and close the deal on your new home? If the buyer depends on their home sale to pay you, your future plans depend on their home sale. So, if you wish to sell on short notice and stress-free, accept only the offers from buyers that have the money to buy your home prepared. Otherwise, you're letting too many variables interfere with your closing date.

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